Setting up iCloud email when you have 2 Factor Authentication

Have you set up two-factor authentication on your Apple account, only to find that you iCloud email address stops working? I’ve got the answer for you.

You may already know that Apple’s two-factor authentication (2FA) means that whenever you sign in to your Apple ID or your iCloud account on a new computer, they send a text message to confirm that it’s really you.

This is a fantastic security feature, but it can cause problems with your iCloud email address. Email programs such as Windows 10 Mail, Thunderbird and Android Mail don’t know how to deal with a password plus a text message. After turning on 2FA, you may find that your emails no longer come in, or that you can’t set up emails on a new device.

The answer is quite simple – you need to go to the Apple website and ask for an app-specific password.

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How to remove a printer that can’t be deleted

Are you trying to remove a printer, but it just won’t delete? I’ve got some great tips that should get rid of it in no time.

I was working on a computer the other day – we needed to remove the printer and reinstall it again. The problem was, when we right-clicked on the printer and tried to remove the device, it just stayed on ‘removing device’. Nothing we did would get rid of it. Now like with any IT problem, the first thing we did was turn the computer off and on again, but in this case that wouldn’t do it.

So, I’ve got a list of 6 things I’d like to share with you that should get rid of a stuck printer that you can’t delete.

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Best free antivirus for XP and Vista?

So what is a good free antivirus for Windows XP and Windows Vista?

Well that’s another week of tech support finished. One thing I’ve noticed this week is there are a lot of people who still have Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Windows XP expired three years ago, which means there haven’t been any security updates for three years. Windows Vista expired a month ago, so that’s also not getting security updates any more. I understand this is the real world, and people can’t afford to upgrade to the latest thing all the time. I understand, and I want to help people keep those computers secure, so I’m always looking for the best free antivirus – in this case the best free antivirus for Windows XP and Vista.

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